Outdoor Bleacher Workout – Made Fit TV – Ep 98

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It can be so easy to fall into the same routine when you are training at the gym or taking group classes. Having a monotonous routine in a repetitive atmosphere may cause you to become bored with your workout program.  This can lead to a plateau in your results, or worse, having you give up on your goals altogether!

A program that challenges the entire body in strength, endurance, and creativity must include these four “C’s”: Cardio, Circuits, Compound Movements, and Core.  In this week’s Made Fit TV episode, I show you how to incorporate all of these into a quick workout that requires no equipment at all! All you need is your local high school track and a sunny day!

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  • http://TheHungryCuban.com Juan

    Great workout Jen. Living in South Florida I really enjoy getting out to do my workouts.


    • http://www.MadeFitTV.com Jenny DiDonato

      I wish I were there with you! I would imagine those of you who live in warmer climates are generally more healthy that us up here in the Northeast, stuck inside for 2/3 of the year due to the weather!

  • Shay

    This is a very solid workout. Thank you!
    I couldn't agree more that working out should be fun and taking it outside is the best way to add some sunshine and variety to ones routine.

  • RylieBear

    Hey Jenn,

    I actually tried this work out a few hours ago. And I gotta tell you, it was well worth the time. I enjoy new things and this hit the spot. Only thing I wish I would have gotten to the track sooner because the hot asphalt was suffocating haha. All in all It was an amazing workout. My body was completely shocked. Thanks!

    • http://www.MadeFitTV.com Jenny DiDonato

      That is so good to know that you really found it to be a shock to your original program! Just make sure you drink enough H2O before you hit the track or get out there in the early a.m. : )

  • Krista

    I love this workout. I was wondering if it could be modified to do it indoors like on a flight of stairs? I thought I'd take the stairs two at a time to mimic the width of bleachers.

    • http://www.MadeFitTV.com Jenny DiDonato

      I love this kind of stuff, too! It's a good way to change things up : ) You can definitely do it on any elevations or flights of stairs.

  • Sally

    I'm new to this site but the workout above looks great. I also saw that you have a link to Mom made fit. I had a baby boy 9 months ago…I need to drop 20 pounds but I'm having a difficult time with the entire program. motiviation, food…where can I find tips on this website that can help me get on the right track? Thanks a bunch…and I just LOVE Jenny's arms.

    • http://www.MadeFitTV.com Jenny DiDonato

      Hi Sally! Welcome! to Made Fit TV : ) Actually, all of the videos on here are tailored for people of ALL goals, fitness levels, ages, and limitations. So, sift through the archives, pick a workout, and get to it : ) I like to keep most of them for in-home for busy people like yourself, so I hope you like them. And if you need an extra boost of motivation, you can always chat LIVE with me every Saturday at 12pm(eastern time zone) through the link on my home page!

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